Top 6 Enchanting Lakes in India That Are Untouched

Top 6 Enchanting Lakes in India That Are Untouched

India lately has witnessed some humongous tourist crowds, as the state governments, the central government, and a number of private entrepreneurs have taken many steps in order to boost tourism in the country. But still there is a lot of exploration to be done in the country, and a number of serene and pristine Indian destinations are still lesser toured and frequented by tourists. There are many tranquil, intense, and enchanting lakes in India that display natural beauty in its rare and unhampered form, and still are witness to the low number of tourists.

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Here Are the Top 6 Enchanting Lakes in India That Are Untouched

  1. The Lonar Lake

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Photo by V4vjk, CC BY-SA 3.0

The eye-catching Lonar Lake was created way back in time, because of a meteor strike. The saline crater lake is located in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra. The beautiful lake has a 1.2-kilometre diameter and is 449 feet deep. The serene lake is surrounded by the low hills, the slopes of which are eloquently covered by the teaks and savannah. The majestic lake also finds mention in the Puranas. Surrounding the lake are located several ancient and medieval temples. These are known as the Hemadpanti or the Yadava temples. The Vishnu Mandirs, the Daitya Sudan temple, the Mora Mahadev temple, and the Goddess Kamalaja Devia temple, and others are beautiful representations of the Hindu architecture.

  1. The Pangong Tso Lake

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Photo by alex hanoko, CC BY-ND 2.0

The Pangong Tso lake is located in between the glorious mountains of Ladakh. Sun rays kiss the lake at beautiful and revealing angles, and the shimmer is electrifying and eye-catching. The majestic and serene lake also has marine life (in the form of the micro organism) and is on the borderline that divides India and Tibet (China). Bird watchers can see here a number of migratory birds, including the Brahmini ducks, and the bar-headed goose. As two Indian streams feed the lake, it has the beautiful and pristine wetlands and marshes as well. You will have to take permission from the Indian army, for visiting the region.

  1. The Bhandardara Lake

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Photo by Dinesh Valke, CC BY-SA 2.0

The small village of Bhandardara is located in the pristine and ecologically diverse western ghat region (Ahmednagar, Maharashtra) of India. The Bhandardara lake, or the Arthur Lake, is one of the best and most beautiful sites of the village. The thick forest canopy (of the adjoining Sahyadri hills) surrounds the placid lake, which derives its clear waters from the Pravara river. The enchanting scene offers excellent and memorable views. There are also the hiking trails, and trek surroundings adjoining the region. The place has other beautiful attractions as well. These include the spectacular Radha Falls, the Wilson Dam, the Mount Kalsubai, and other unique and serene places.

  1. Pawana Lake

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Photo by Suyash Sonawane, CC BY-ND 2.0

While Mumbai is known for its beaches, the Pawana Lake is a gem that needs to be explored and enjoyed as well. The lake was a result of the construction of the Pawana Dam and is located in the scenic surroundings of Kamshet. The campsites offer you the memorable experiences of a bonfire, swimming and barbeque. There are also a number of ancient temples and forts in the vicinity. Quite close to Lonavala, the place is a must visit for those who want a great boat riding experience.

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  1. The Gurudongmar Lake

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Photo by Virtous One, CC BY-ND 2.0

Ranking amongst the highest lakes in the world, the Gurudongmar Lake is located in Sikkim, at a height of 5,430 meters. The Buddhists consider the lake sacred. Summer is the right time to visit the place, as the lake remains frozen throughout the winters. The Himalayan glaciers (of the Kanchenjunga range) feed the lake, which is also surrounded by majestic and enthralling snow capped mountains. River streams originate from the lake, which has a big area of 290 acres. Find here the rare blue sheep, yaks, and other fauna and flora exclusive to the high-altitude regions.

  1. Nakki Lake

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Photo by Koshy Koshy, CC BY 2.0

The gorgeous Nakki Lake is located in the hill station of Mount Abu (Rajasthan), within the Aravali mountain range. The sacred lake has a length of around half miles and a width of a quarter mile. It is 30 ft deep, at its deepest portion. The Toad Rock (overlooking the lake), is a rock structure that resembles a toad waiting to jump in the lake. On the hills that surround the lake, you will find the Maharaja Jaipur Palace and the old Raghunath temple. Horse rides and boating are also available here, to keep you engaged and playful.

The unexplored Indian lakes offer great views, and some also have the tourist campsites and other delightful and engaging activities. Visit them soon, before the crowds start to gather.

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