Bowhunting in South Africa

Bowhunting in South Africa

Classic bowhunting safaris in Africa have become increasingly popular owing to the diversity of species available for visitors to hunt.

With this in mind, a group of dedicated archers established the African Chapter of the International Bowhunting Organisation (IBO) in 2005. Their goal was to expand on archery and to educate people on wildlife conservation and ethical hunting practices.

Here are some things you need to know before taking part in a hunting expedition in South Africa.

South Africa’s Hunting Legislation, Policies and Rules

In South Africa, rifle hunting and bowhunting may not take place at random. Hunters must comply with legislation, policies and rules that govern hunting and must ensure that they uphold the ethical principles of the sport. South Africa is proud of the fact that it has selected exclusive areas and zones for hunting that will ensure hunters enjoyable and successful hunts. Hunters must take careful note that each province in South Africa has different regulations regarding game bowhunting.

Hunting Methods

The hunting methods used in bow hunts vary according to specific situations and the species of animals that are hunted.


Most of the successful bow hunts are conducted behind permanently constructed blinds. Hunting blinds are cover devices for bow hunters that are specially designed and camouflaged to reduce the chances of detection. Depending on the type of terrain, sun and wind direction, some blinds are elevated on stilts or stands while others may be built on the ground. Mostly, they are built in areas frequented by animals, such as near water holes.

Bowhunting in South Africa


Stalking is used to hunt animals that do not routinely visit water holes. Stalking is used as a hunting method during the months of the year when there is dense cover in vegetation surrounding the animals’ natural habitats. Some species hunted by means of stalking include duiker, klipspringer and mountain reedbuck.


Opportunity consists of a combination of hunting methods. Sometimes, hunters locate game while driving over rough terrain in 4×4 vehicles and are then dropped off in the vicinity where game is spotted. The opportunity arises when the hunter seeks cover downwind while trackers coax the animals forward. Naturally, this hunting method demands patience and time.

Hunting advice in South Africa

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