Writing on the Walls

Writing on the Walls

With so much history and ancient culture, Southern Africa is a place where the past is found throughout the land. From the Cradle of Humankind in the North to the San and Khoi of the South, this is a land filled with depicted history. In the search for understanding, we look at rock art in Southern Africa, hoping to better understand the way of life in those age old days – these are the best places to see rock art in the region.

Bushmans Kloof, Cederberg, Western Cape

Rock Art


One of the best places to view ancient Khoi-San rock art, the Cederberg region is dotted with caves and caverns, hosting a whole series of these great works. With 2500 rock art sites found, there are still thousands to be found, hidden throughout this cavernous region.

Drakensberg, Kwa-Zulu Natal



Holding over 35 000 individual rock art paintings at 600 different sites, this area is one of the most concentrated collections of rock art in South Africa. Covering sandstone walls, these preserved works tell of a world before western influence.

Kalkoenkrans, Eastern Cape

San art


In an area riddled with caves, the hiding place of many an alluring story of an ancient culture, the Kalkoenskrans rock art sites were the first site to be declared a national monument. With detail and a huge variety of works, this area is one of the best examples of this form of Southern African art.

Driekops Eiland, Northern Cape



Meaning “Thee Hills Island” in Afrikaans, this site near Plooysburg is covered in engravings, carefully etched out of the riverbed rock. These intricate geometric patterns are a recently identified style of rock art in Southern Africa.

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