Top 5 Snorkeling Sites in Malta and Gozo

Top 5 Snorkeling Sites in Malta and Gozo

For all snorkelling lovers who wish to explore the incredible marine life of Malta and Gozo, there are plenty of snorkelling sites to satisfy their passion. All you need is a snorkel, a mask and a pair of flippers, and you are free to explore the magnificent life, which is alive underneath.

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If you are vacationing in Malta, you can enjoy every day while snorkelling. Thanks to locations that are within walking distance, no site is far away from several hotels that are present on the island. Crystal-clear waters surround the Paradise Bay, the Golden Bay, Hondoq ir-Rummien in Gozo, Siggiewi’s Ghar, Lapsi Gnejna, St. Paul’s Bay and Comino’s Blue Lagoon. All these locations are regarded as one of the world’s top snorkelling sites.

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Owing to the popularity of diving and snorkelling, all relevant gear is easily available in Malta. All diving and snorkelling enthusiasts can hire or buy flotation devices from their nearby stores. If somebody needs a guided snorkelling adventure, local diving teams are happy to swim with you and give all details about the fish and flora that lie within the seas. This is important, as there are dozens of caves and cavers that are spread within Malta’s rocky beaches with a unique topography. Amateur or beginners may get lost and must be guided by local or professional snorkelling fans.

Here are the top 5 snorkelling and scuba diving sites in Malta and Gozo:

1.    Ħondoq ir-Rummien, Gozo

This is a famous spot among snorkelers owing to its clear and deep water. It also has small caves at water level. You can access the sea from bathing ladders. One of the world’s natural and beautiful spots which are generally quiet. Enjoy the spot before development plans abolish it.

2.    Gnejna Bay, Malta

This spot is rockier as compared to the other two northwestern bays. You can go along the outer sides, past boathouses after the spot that is dubbed as the ‘Chicken rock’ closer to the bay.

3.    Wied il-Għajn, Malta

This point is located beyond Marsascala at the end of the harbour. This reef stretches along the sea across the harbor mouth. The place is beautifully serene, but be aware of the passing boats and the currents for a safe adventure.

4.    Fomm ir-Rih, Malta

Although, the beach is pebbly, it still offers one of the most enjoyable experiences of snorkeling and scuba diving in Malta. It is best to swim only when the sea is calm and use rubber shoes. This is a lovely natural location to enjoy peace and calm.

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5.    Ghar Lapsi, Malta

This is a local beauty spot that is crowded in summers and is a small inlet below a remarkable, craggy coastline which is used by some few local fishermen. Marine life lovers enjoy it by swimming along the coast, proceeding out from the inlet, while enjoying the incredibly stunning underwater life.

Blue Lagoon in Comino is also crowded with people on busy summer days. For anyone who likes to enjoy nature, snorkelling and scuba diving sites in Malta offer a memorable experience.


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