Three historic sites you should stop at in False Bay

Three historic sites you should stop at in False Bay

A popular beach attraction, False Bay has an array of fun and exciting things to do for the young and old. What’s most interesting is the many historic sites that you can explore and uncover interesting information about the seaside destination.

Rhodes Cottage, False Bay 

St James is well-known for being a suburb filled with historic manor homes and estates that overlook the glimmering Atlantic Ocean and the bay from Kalk Bay onwards. One of the first Western settlers in the area, and indeed its most famous, is Cecil John Rhodes, who bought the cottage found on Main Road in 1899. He lived in the seaside cottage until his death in 1902. It’s run by the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society and is open to anyone who wants to rewind to the early days of the Cape. Be sure to explore the well-maintained, indigenous mountainside garden to explore.

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Admission: Free but Donations Welcomed 

Tour Groups:  R10 per person

Address: 246 Main Rd, Muizenberg

Phone: 021 755 1516

Find more information St James accommodation here.

Just Nuisance, False Bay 

The legacy of Just Nuisance is one that showcase the strong bond of love and friendship between animals and humans. Just Nuisance was a Great Dane who was sold to a man who ran the United Services Institute in Simon’s Town. His customers were mainly Royal Navy sailors who bonded with the puppy, who loved to follow his sailor friends around the naval base and sit on the gang plank of the HMS Neptune. However, the railway authorities complained about Just Nuisance travelling on the train with the sailors (we guess that this is where his name might have come from!), who then promoted Just Nuisance from dog to Able Seaman. His papers were signed with his own paw and once certified, he was officially entitled by navy law to travel on the train. Just Nuisance became frail after a car accident and the decision to euthanise him was passed so he wouldn’t suffer. His legacy is immortalised in Jubilee Square, where a statue of his likeness stands proud and tall. To learn more about this wonderful story, you can visit the Simon’s Town Museum.

South African Naval Museum, False Bay 

For anyone who enjoys tales from the ocean, this museum is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Enthusiasts can be amazed by the large collection of naval artefacts and machinery including:

  • Naval guns
  • Ship and Submarine models
  • Torpedoes
  • Anti-Submarine Mortar
  • Sea Mines
  • Mine-sweeping equipment; and other interesting paraphernalia.

The museum is like nothing you have ever seen, so don’t be surprised if you spend a good few hours soaking it all in!

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Admission: Free

Address: Original Naval Dockyard, with access from St George’s Street

Phone: 021 787 4686



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