The dazzling mountain and lake sunsets of the Canadian Rockies

The dazzling mountain and lake sunsets of the Canadian Rockies

As an avid traveller, there’s always the desire to capture the most beautiful images, whether they’re of natural wonders, historical monuments or just every day snapshots of the city in motion. Whatever the case, immortalising our travels is important to us.

The Canadian Rockies is lauded as one of the most naturally picturesque locations in the world, with dramatic mountains that stretch for thousands of miles; beginning at Maria’s Pass in Montana and ending at Liard River in British Columbia.

This pristine region boasts five national parks, interspersed with 1465 lakes, 1300 species of vegetation and 1000 natural glaciers.

Banff National Park

One of the area’s most popular parks, Banff National Park, is a UNESCO Heritage Site and is found outside the town of Banff. Thanks to the park, Banff is a town moulded to suit the tourism trade and has accommodation as beautiful as its surroundings.

Banff National Park sunset moment

Banff National Park Credit:

Anyone who has been to the Rockies will tell you there’s a photo op around every nook and cranny. You shouldn’t leave without capturing the following:

  • Two Jack Lake
  • Johnson Lake
  • Mount Rundle
  • The Vermillion Lakes
  • Sulphur Mountain


While an odd name, Sulphur Mountain refers to the hot springs found on its lower slopes. The best way to experience Sulphur Mountain’s wonderful views is to take a gondola ride from the eastern slop to Sanson’s Peak, some 2,256 m above sea level. Once you get to the top, you will be treated to otherworldly views of the South Banff range.

Vermillion Lakes sunset picture

Vermillion Lakes Credit: Jim Doty

Mount Rundle Vermillion Lake sunset image

Mount Rundle reflected on Vermillion Lake Credit:

Lake Louise, Alberta sunset

Lake Louise, Alberta Image credit:

The Canadian Rockies is one destination where you will be treated to memorable hikes, sunset moments and absolutely magical photographs.


Featured image credit: Banff National Park, Jack Lake




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