10 exciting things to do in Durban this December

10 exciting things to do in Durban this December

Amongst destinations like Miami, Cuba, and Italy, The New York Times placed Durban seventh on its 52 Places to Go in 2015 list. If you haven’t been to Durban before, imagine a city with a spectacular coastline of sunny beaches and a balmy sub-tropical climate. Even so, there is more to Durban than its beaches. Situated on the eastern seaboard of Africa, the city has a realm of diverse culture, scenic variety, urban lifestyle, and adventurous activities. These are our top 10 things to do in Durban this December.

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A walk down Durban’s Golden Mile

Durban’s Golden Mile stretches from Addington Beach to Blue Lagoon. With its new paving and the opening of exciting restaurants and establishments lining the beachfront, Durban’s Golden Mile is the perfect place to spend time with the family. However, its promenade along the beachfront is what makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Durban; enjoy a lengthy stroll along the shore with golden sand between your toes, or even take a dip in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

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Visit Vasco Da Gama Memorial

A popular site to visit, the Vasco Da Gama Memorial is at the heart of the Victoria Embankment. It is the memorial site where Vasco Da Gama first founded Durban, which was on Christmas Eve in 1497. This is a popular destination as it has mesmerising architecture from over 400 years ago.  The clock was installed in 1897 to honour Vasco Da Gama’s (Portuguese explorer) first sight of the Natal coast.  This beautiful Victorian monument is perfect for lovers of architecture, photographers and history buffs.

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Durban is the perfect place and opportunity to pick surfing. After all, the city is known to be the home to many of the country’s most promising surfers who are fortunate enough to surf regular swells, it’s no wonder Durban churns out talented surfers. Since Durban has been dubbed as the surfing capital of South Africa, it comes as no surprise that it’s often the host destination for many of the surfing tournaments in the country. Other than amazing waves, Durban also has a plethora of surf shops and factory stores.

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Feast on a bunny chow

You can’t say you’ve been to Durban if you haven’t tasted the famous bunny chow. Often referred to as just a bunny, the bunny chow is a South African fast food dish famous for its hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with curry. Thanks to the Durban Indian community, the bunny chow is a popular dish amongst the locals and tourists. The more modern version is a quarter loaf of bread stuffed with curry is also known as a Kota. Talk about Durban being hot and vibrant; add digging into a bunny chow on your list of things to do.

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Wet ‘n Wild at uShaka Marine World

A visit to the coastal city has to include being blown away by uShaka’s fastest waterslide. All you have to remember is to hold onto your swimsuit as you prepare to speed through the tunnel until spiralling around in the exhilarating tornado bowl and finally splashing into the pool.

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View of the Valley of 1000 Hills

Let’s not forget that Durban has many attractions aside from its beaches. Visit the Valley of 1000 Hills to witness the breath-taking view of hills, cliffs and valleys all of which rise up from the banks of the Umgeni River. Aside from the astounding view, discover the history of the area by learning about the Zulu people who have lived in the Valley of 1000 Hills. This destination is rare as it is one of the few attractions where nature and beauty are unspoiled.

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Visit the Juma Masjid Mosque

The largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere, the Juma Masjid Mosque is known to dominate Durban’s central Indian district. View the beautiful minarets that tower over the busy commercial area, a contrast to its peaceful atmosphere inside the marbled worship hall. Situated in Grey Street, there are many Indian food outlets serving spicy food unique to Durban.

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Horse riding on the beach

Enjoy the coastal city as you take a horse ride in a beautiful environment surrounded by wonderful wildlife along the Durban shores. Those who try this will also explore the forest and river trails close to the beach. You’ll get to see animals such as hippos, crocodiles and wildebeest during the horseback adventure, which is fun for advanced horseback riders, and is safe and enjoyable for beginners. Choose between many of the scenic trails for an amazing adventure.

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A view from the skywalk at Moses Mabhida Stadium

A ride up with the SkyCar at Moses Mabhida Stadium might be one of the most unique experiences in Durban. Get a viewpoint of the beautiful city from 106 metres high. When you finally reach the top, you’ll get a magnificent view of the ocean and city. If you prefer the long way to the top, you can trek up 500 steps for a 20-minute walk before you get to see the entire view of the surrounding city. Moreover, if you enjoy the exhilarating way to end adventures, join the brave by taking the leap at the Big Swing platform.

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If you plan to visit Durban this December, consider yourself lucky as you get to explore one of the top cities in the world for 2015. Therefore, take full advantage of all that the city has to offer. From its beautiful beaches, breath-taking views, and fascinating cultures, there are many adventures to add to your holiday list of things to do when visiting Durban this December.

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