Solo Travel Resource Guide

Solo Travel Resource Guide

Hostels are always an option when considering accommodation. They have great availability and are relatively cheap. The best part? It is a social way to accommodate yourself!

Solo Traveler World has a great blog post regarding the social aspect of accommodating yourself.


Similar to the free accommodation, there are websites that show rooms, apartments, and villas available to rent.

You can get some really high-quality rooms for great value, so definitely have a look!



Great… how do we get there? There are some great, reliable tools online to support you when choosing your transportation.

In this section, I will go over some ways you can determine your route to ‘Heaven’!

First up:


There are some great comparison tools out there that list you flights depending on your search criteria.

Momondo is best for multi-city flights.

Kayak has proven to list the cheapest flights available.

Google Flights is also useful and is well rounded.

Every one of these websites is secure, too.

If you have ever been delayed on a flight for over 3 hours under the EU rule 261/2004, visit Flight Delay Claims Team for compensation up to £520!


Public Transport

I know what you’re thinking, what about while I am there?! Well, there are some very useful apps and websites that have live listings of public transport in every city! If you cannot use data when you are abroad, you will need to plan ahead as there isn’t free WiFi in many places.

Plan ahead either way.

If you are completely stuck… maybe all information is written in another language and you can’t find help, there is someone to save the day… UBER! Of course, Uber doesn’t operate in all cities and towns. But, they operate in many cities so definitely have them on call! The downside? There isn’t one! They are so cheap!

Solo Travel is simply enlightening. Yes, it is terrifying. Yes, it is hard to find the time BUT you can make time for EVERYTHING!

Think about it: the best moments in life lie behind your biggest fears! So, get up, pack your bags and jump in a taxi to the closest airport! Oh and before you do, don’t forget to re-read this article or you may forget some essential information!

Author: Ollie Birk


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