Five wildlife clips captured at Addo Elephant Park

Five wildlife clips captured at Addo Elephant Park

Addo Elephant Park, recognised as having a plethora of safari destinations, has many wildlife experiences caught on camera by both park rangers and holidaymakers alike. Whether you’re planning a getaway or simply enjoy wildlife, here are our five favourite wildlife experiences caught on camera that you just have to see.

Jackals serenading

Jackals are similar to coyotes from North America. Their habitats range from the desert, grassy plains, and savannas all of which depend on the type of species. Part of the Jackal’s behaviour is to communicate vocally, often by using loud yell or yelp, growl and high-pitched howls. Jackals usually howl when prey has been located, as seen in the video.

Elephants drinking at the waterhole

Elephants are large and amazing creatures. Generally, and as seen in the video, they move in large herds. These herds consist of a head female, the matriarch, as well as other female elephants and their young. Like the Addo Elephant Park, the natural habitat for elephants is grassland. At Addo Elephant Park, they can be seen going about their daily activities from surrounding lodgings such as Woodall Country House & Spa.

Dung Beetle rolling a ball of dung

It’s so fascinating to see these creatures in action! The Dung beetle can easily be recognised by the rolling of dung into balls, and then pushing them along. In case you were wondering, there are two fundamental reasons why these beetles roll dung; one of which is to store food and the other for the female to lay her eggs in.

African Buffalos sighted!

Also known as the Cape buffalo, the African buffalo is a member of the Big Five, which includes the lion, elephant, rhino, and leopard. Buffaloes require access to an abundant quantity of water and grassland.

Hyena vs Jackal

Grasslands, savannas, and woodlands are habitats for hyenas, which is similar to the habitat of jackals. Often, these two types of animals cross paths as seen in the video above. Hyenas are skilful hunters and scavengers, and so they are known for going for the easiest and most attractive food.

Other than Addo Elephant Park densely populated by elephants, there are many other wildlife animals roaming its grasslands for you to see during game drives. For your next getaway, be sure to include Addo Elephant Park on your list of places to visit.

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