Bonding on the road; why car trips are good for relationships

Bonding on the road; why car trips are good for relationships

Many a book and a movie have told the same tale; people with opposing personalities clash horrifically until they are forced to go on a road trip together. Through a series of wacky and heartfelt mishaps, these people find they have to work together, with each opposing trait forming two sides of the same coin and the solving of their misfortunes leading to a rewarding, lasting friendship. Roll credits.

Some movie clichés, like the love-struck man running through the street in the rain to get to your house or the five minute makeover into prom queen, are best taken with a grain of salt. The road trip relationship solver plot is worth examining.

Social symptoms

Road trips force us to spend an extended period of time with whoever is in the car with us. This creates a sort of Stockholm Syndrome effect where we gradually begin warming to the person we are spending the most time with.  Humans are social beings and in some situations, like road trips, we reach out to whoever is available to socialise with. This is why after maybe not speaking that much for the first three hours; you cannot help but start the conversation which can lead into building a relationship based on common interests.


Conversations during road trips are one of the best and worst things about the drive. You are free to chat about anything that you have never had time for; leading to debates, jokes, laughs and even a few disagreements. This is an integral part of forming a sustainable relationship with someone. The question is, can you find a way to balance similar and dissimilar tastes and opinions? The car is the perfect theatre in which to let this play out.

Sing a long

In addition to chatting, singing is a wonderful diversion. Away from their peers, people love to sing on road trips as loud and as horribly as they want to. To avoid unnecessary clashing over music genres; make sure each of you has a turn to pick the music. It is fun for each of you to compile an individual playlist of music that you think your friend or partner might like. Explaining your reasons for the song choices is a great way to bond and allow your friend or partner to see a more sensitive and personal side of you.


If you come away from a road trip and your friendship or relationship has been tested to breaking point but you have ultimately grown closer; then it is all worth the frustration with some gorgeous photos and memories to show for it. If, somehow, this is not the end result then don’t stress. A road trip is a litmus test for people’s relationships. Therefore, you will come away from it knowing that this union was not meant to be; leaving you to embark on trips in the future with people who are compatible with who you are.

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