Best cities to see street art and graffiti

Best cities to see street art and graffiti

For many years graffiti, also known as street art, has been an artistic way of commenting on or questioning political, economic, or social issues, and wherever one travels in the world, sketches of themes from anti-war and anti-governement, to the rights of animals, women and children can be seen spray-painted on walls and garage doors. Some people view graffiti as destructive and delinquent behaviour while others view it as beautiful, thought-provoking works of art. Whichever way you choose to view it, there’s no denying that some graffiti artists are truly talented.

Paris – France

In Paris, there are many fabulous sights and attractions to visit and hundreds of cobbled alleyways, busy streets and beautiful boulevards to discover. As you stroll along, admiring the architecture, shop windows, and people, you may see graffiti here and there, although it won’t be there long because graffiti is considered vandalism and is removed as soon as possible. If you are someone who truly appreciates graffiti as an art form however, you may want to visit 107 Rue Oberkampf where you’ll come across Le M.U.R, a designated area for competitive street art. Rue Denoyez in the Belleville area is a narrow street ablaze with colour. Do not miss it. Most street art can be seen north of Paris in the Seine-Saint-Denis and Bobigny areas but they are reportedly unsafe and are not recommended for tourists.

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Jef Aerosol #paris13

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Amsterdam – The Netherlands

When you think of Amsterdam, tulips, , windmills, and cosy coffee shops spring to mind, but did you know that street art is also quite popular. If you venture into the well-known district ‘The Jordaan,” you’ll notice beautiful graffiti and street art. However, the best place to view street art in Amsterdam is the NDSM werf, which can be accessed free of charge by ferry.

Other notable places of interest to explore are:

  • The canals and side-streets of De Wallen
  • Nearby the Flevopark is an area with graffiti
  • Spuistraat, Keizerrijk and Wijdesteeg (close to Old Town)
  • Between Tuinstraat and Prisengracht

🇳🇱 “Let her be free” by the Iranian brothers Icy&Sot • Amsterdam, The Netherlands ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Artists: @icyandsot ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #wallart #walls #rsa_streetview #rsa_graffiti #royalsnappingartists #streetart #urban #urbanart #murals #murales #muralart #grafflife #graffporn #graffitiwall #graffitiporn #graffitiigers #graffitiartist #arteurbano #arteurbana #artecallejero #amsterdamstreetart #tv_streetart #urbanartist #wallporn #dsb_graff #dopeshotbro #icyandsot #streetartandgraffiti #streetartists #streetartamsterdam •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

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Munich – Germany

Most people know Munich for its annual Oktoberfest, but there are of course numerous attractive and interesting sights and sites worth visiting in Munich. For one, there are splendid works of art sprawled across the city, which has been gaining momentum steadily over the past years. If you’re visiting Munich, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the calibre of street art on display in public spaces, such as at stations, under bridges and on buildings, some of which are legal and often competitive. Enjoy the local side of Munich, away from the tourists by visiting these graffiti hotspots throughout the city.

  • Candidplatz
  • Tumblingerstrasse (Nearby the U3 Poccistrasse station)
  • Vienhof
  • Alter Südfriedhof
  • Candidbrücke
  • Kreativequartier
  • Würmtaltunnel

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Check out this cool interactive map which pinpoints all the locations across the world where you can view street art.

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