5 ways to enjoy Table Mountain National Park

5 ways to enjoy Table Mountain National Park

It’s official, spring is here and it’s brought some scintillating sunshine with it. Although we’re keeping our raincoats nearby (you can never be too careful), this hint of summer is beckoning us to venture outdoors, bronze up our skin and make the most of the daylight. If you love Table Mountain as much as we do, then a day exploring the National Park will be right up your alley. All you need are some friends, comfy shoes and a sense of adventure.

Cape Point

Named the “Cape of Storms” by the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias, Cape Point is home to some of the most beautiful views and mountain scenery in Cape Town. Hop onto the funicular railway (that’s a fancy word for a cable-operated tram) or take a walk up to the viewing point just under the old lighthouse. From here you’ll be able to spy a variety of creatures in their natural habitat. Keep a lookout for mountain zebra, eland and if it’s whale season, you might be lucky enough to catch a few of them during migration.

Cape Point part of Table Mountain National Park

The wildlife found at Cape Point in Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain

As soon as anyone mentions the words “Cape Town”, Table Mountain pops to mind. We are lucky enough to have one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature right on our doorstep and for the more adventurous souls, it’s the hike of a lifetime. Whether you’re walking in sunshine or under a tablecloth of clouds, the experience is phenomenal. It’s best to go with a guide who knows the terrain well and can suggest where to climb, so make sure to book one in advance. Alternatively, take the cable car to the top and enjoy the spectacular view of Cape Town from every angle.


If it’s a nice day, don’t forget to grab your swimming costume and a snack before heading out to Silvermine near Tokai. This picturesque hiking trail will leave you feeling refreshed as you head through colourful fynbos towards Elephant’s Eye Cave. Once you reach the top, cool off with a dip in the dam and enjoy the surrounds before heading back down.

Silvermine in Table Mountain National Park

View on Silvermine hike in Table Mountain National Park

Signal Hill

Not far from the Bay View Penthouses, only one thing can make the view from Signal Hill even better; a chilled bottle of champagne. Pop the cork and cheers as the sun descends, painting the sky in an array of breathtaking colours. Snuggle under a blanket and watch as Cape Town lights up, pulsating with activity and the promise of a good night ahead.

Signal Hill sunset in Table Mountain National Park

Lion’s Head

If Table Mountain seems too daunting a climb, take on Lion’s Head for an exhilarating but manageable hike. With various trails to traverse, you don’t have to even aim for the top and can spend time appreciating the variety of flora it holds. If you do decide to venture to the summit, pack a picnic and take a well-deserved rest before snapping a few memorable pics.

Lion's Head in Table Mountain National Park

Lion's Head and Table Mountain National Park sunset

As a part of SAN Parks Week, you can enjoy free access to Cape Point, the Flying Dutchman Furnicular and Silvermine from the 8 – 13 September. There are free guided marine walks along the Cape of Good Hope on the 8th and 10th of September so email lauren.howard@sanparks.org if you’d like to secure your spot. Check out the SAN Parks website for more ways to take advantage of SAN Parks Week.



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