5 Things you need to know before your safari trip

5 Things you need to know before your safari trip

It’s your first trip to Africa and you’re excited to explore and experience the diverse land and see majestic wild animals. Even so, there are a few things you may not have considered. Here are our top five things you need to know before boarding the plane to the magnificent continent.

Forget about taking pictures

We live in the digital age where we share all our memories on social media; it is only normal to capture every exciting moment. Nonetheless, many travellers who have visited Africa share the same regret, which is that they wish they could go back and pay more attention to the experience instead of constantly taking photos. A great way to really enjoy the safari trip is to capture a few photos for memories and then enjoy the moment. Your biggest objective is to appreciate your surroundings since it’s not every day you get to be out in the wild.

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Pack in protection for the heat of the African sun

It may seem obvious, but the African sun isn’t always kind and so it can get extremely hot. Prepare for the trip by investing in a good hat to protect you from the sun, and make sure to apply sunscreen lotion before heading outdoors. Also, pack in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes for the safari trip.

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Do your research

When planning your trip, it’s important to do research. Find out where the best places for safari trips are by looking at reviews. You should also research your accommodation, as well as the best time to go on safari.

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It’s not a theme park

Even though you are not completely in the wild and vulnerable to danger, it’s important to know that national parks aren’t theme parks. This means that you shouldn’t wander on your own, and always be accompanied by a guide. Remember to stick with your group and follow all precautions given by the guides.

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You may not see the big five

Don’t set your expectations high by thinking that you will see the entire Big Five, which includes the rhino, lion, buffalo,  leopard, and the elephant that is well-known for feasting on the Marula tree. Factors like the season, where you go and the time of day, will contribute to the possibility of seeing these animals. Even if you don’t see the Big Five, you’ll see other animals and indigenous plants that will fascinate you. 

Before you book your ticket, accommodation, and tours for your trip to Africa, take into consideration the above-listed tips to ensure a fantastic and memorable trip.

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