5 Sharks you’ll see in Gansbaai

5 Sharks you’ll see in Gansbaai

In the early 90’s South Africa was the first country in the world to protect great white sharks. Today, the town of Gansbaai is leading in the protection of great white sharks and is one of the best destinations to get a best first hand experience with these creatures. Here’s the top five sharks you’ll see when shark cage diving in Gansbaai:

1. Great white shark

The Great White Shark is both fascinating and feared for its size and power, which could explain why it has been deemed as one of the most mysterious animals in the world. This misunderstood creature nears extinction, as it is not protected in most countries. South Africa was the first country to protect great white sharks, and now leads in the conservation of these sharks; which helps its population to grow steadily.

Head down to Gansbaai for a shark cage diving experience and you’re most likely to get a glimpse of a few great white sharks. The best time to go shark cage diving is between April and September when the west coast is warm despite the winter season. During this season you’ll also have the chance to see them circulating Dyer Island and Geyser Rock where they search for seals.

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2. Blue Shark

Arguably the most beautiful shark in the ocean, the blue shark is a sleek and amazing shark. Identified by its long slender body, the blue shark is mostly known for its indigo-blue topside. What’s more, the blue shark is known to be able to grow up to four metres in length. These are incredible sharks to see during your shark cage diving experience.

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3. Mako shark

The mako shark is known for being one of the fastest shark species in the world and has the ability to breach the waters for up to seven meters high. When you’re trying to spot a mako shark, you’ll notice its long gill slits and crescent shaped tail fins, as well as its needle-like teeth that are visible at all times. Mako sharks can grow up to four metres in length.

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4. Sevengill cow shark

The sevengill cow shark is amazing to see up close as it has a unique prehistoric look and is spectacular to watch for its calm movements. Not only can the sevengill cow shark be seen in Gansbaai but also along the Cape Peninsula marine reserve. Contrasted to other shark species that have the standard five gill slits, the sevengill cow shark has seven gill slits, hence the reason for its naming. Evidence has linked the sevengill cow shark to the Jurassic age, which was over 150 million years ago. This is even more reason to see them with your own eyes.

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5. Blacktip shark

Long gill slits, a stout and a streamlined body, the blacktip shark also has a pointed snout. The blacktip shark is known for being fast and swift as they are extremely energetic. What’s more, blacktip sharks are known for breaching the waters and spinning in the air when hunting for fish.

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Shark cage diving is an exhilarating experience. When visiting South Africa be sure to add Gansbaai to your list of destinations to visit this season.

Before your trip read up on some safety guidelines for shark cage diving.

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