4 Awesome places to go diving with sharks

4 Awesome places to go diving with sharks

Since the discovery of sharks, it has been a lengthy journey of fascination with these mysterious sea creatures. Shark cage diving opens the opportunity to have a close-up encounter with these captivating creatures that makes for an equally terrifying and thrilling experience.

Gansbaai, South Africa

Gansbaai is arguably the great white shark capital of the world as it is well known for its unprecedented great white shark population and therefore is the best place in the world to experience these mystical sea creatures. What’s more, just off the coast there is a small island that is home to roughly 60 000 fur seals. During winter you might even see the sharks hunting in that area and breaching out the waters.

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Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands are popular for its rare and diverse wildlife population. Dive into the deep blue waters to experience the numerous species of sharks, which include hammerhead, and whale sharks. While you’re at it, be sure to explore the underwater world to see other sea creatures such as large schools of tuna and sea lions.

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Shark Reef Aquarium, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its spontaneous weddings, gambling, serious shopping and vibrant nightlife. And so, it is unusual that you find various shark species such as the sand tiger and white tip reef sharks in the middle of a desert. Head over to the Shark Reef Aquarium for a close-up view of the sharks and other underwater wildlife.

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Tiger Beach, Bahamas

As the name suggest, Tiger Beach is one of the best places on earth to view tiger sharks. It’s guaranteed that visitors will have a close-up encounter of these toothy sea creatures. Other than being known for its astonishing teeth that could easily rip apart its prey, tiger sharks are able to grow up to five metres long.

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Shark cage diving is a one of a kind experience, if you’re up for an adventure be sure to add the above-listed destinations to your bucket list and make your booking. Happy Travelling!

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